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What do I do if my child knocks out a baby tooth?

child loses baby tooth
Luckily, the management of a knocked out baby tooth is actually pretty simple if you follow these simple steps. More often then not a missing baby tooth actually looks a lot worse than it actually is.
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What can I do about my stained teeth?

We all want a whiter smile. Our Jannali dentists can help work out the cause of the stain, treat any existing dental problems and advise you on different teeth whitening options.
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Dental Health Insurance. Use it. Don’t lose it.

Jannali dental insurance
46% of Australians have private health cover. If you are one of that 46% - are you making the most of your dental health
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Are You Living with a Sensitive Tooth?

Many of us have experienced a sensitive tooth at some time in our life and perhaps you are living with one right now. We do have great news though, tooth sensitivity is usually easy enough to fix if it's treated early.
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