What can I do about my stained teeth?

We all want to feel confident showing off a bright white smile in photos and when we chat with others.

Over time our teeth can darken and yellow due to our age, as well as our eating and smoking habits.  Time for some teeth whitening!

When we want to achieve a whiter smile we can be quick to grab the first tooth whitening product we see on the supermarket shelf.

But bear in mind that a stock standard tooth whitening product can actually cause discomfort if there is a more serious dental problem underlying.  So it is quite important to know what has caused the tooth stain in the first place.

If you want to whiten your teeth, the best place to start is with a healthy mouth. So before you jump in and buy a whitener off-the-shelf or online, come and see us first for a check-up.

We can help work out the cause of the stain, treat any existing dental problems and advise you on different teeth whitening options.

Teeth whitening technology has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. And remember that a teeth whitening consultation is FREE with us anytime –  check out our teeth whitening package HERE.

✔️ Common causes of tooth stain

Sadly, it’s things we tend to enjoy daily that are the main culprits – coffee, tea, red wine, some berries, tomato sauce, spices like turmeric or curry paste, brightly coloured lollies, and of course, smoking.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to say goodbye to these foods and beverages forever…… but there are a few things you can do to help minimise the impact.

✔️Tips to help reduce tooth stain

One suggestion is to use a straw because it reduces exposure to our teeth. However that may not always be practical, especially when it comes to coffee or red wine!  So the next best thing is to rinse your mouth with water and/or mouthwash after you’ve consumed your cappuccino or shiraz .

A simple ‘at home’ tip is to brush your teeth with baking powder. It does an excellent job at removing surface stains, but you should proceed with caution to prevent damage to your enamel. Baking powder is definitely NOT advised for everyday use, as it can be pretty abrasive.

The other simple tip is to stay on top of your general dental hygiene. Regular brushing, flossing and mouth wash.  Getting a check-up and teeth clean every 6 months is also a good habit to form.  And if you are a heavy coffee drinker or a smoker, consider cutting back, or quitting all together.

✔️Other causes of tooth stain

Some stains actually come from within the tooth – called intrinsic stains, and these are notoriously harder to remove.  There are a number of causes, such as:

  •      Small cracks in tooth enamel;
  •       Excessive teeth grinding;
  •       Some antibiotics and medications, such as doxycycline and tetracycline;
  •       Trauma or an accident;
  •       Excess fluoride intake either during pregnancy or by the child while his/her  permanent teeth are still developing.

To prevent intrinsic stains in children, avoid too much early exposure to fluorides. You can do this by purchasing age-appropriate toothpaste for your children.

If you see any change in your child’s normal tooth colour, it should definitely be checked out – so if your child has white spots on his/her teeth, or any other unusual stain, make an appointment and let our team at Jannali Dental Care take a close look.

As we get older, so do our teeth. The enamel that covers the teeth gets thinner with age, which then allows the inner structure of the tooth to show through, so our teeth naturally yellow with time.

Genetics also plays a lead role in oral health and some people are lucky to have thicker enamel then others, which means their teeth are less likely to show stain.

If you have deeply embedded stains in the structure of the tooth come and see us as at the clinic as the stains will probably need to be removed through a professional  teeth-whitening treatment like Zoom (which only takes about an hour in the chair).

✔️ How can we help?

Firstly, we will make sure your teeth and gums are healthy  before going ahead with any whitening treatments. A healthy mouth is the best place to start.

We offer a Teeth Whitening Package – witness your teeth whiten up to eight shades in about an hour.  You will see significant changes in just one treatment – and we can also provide you with a take-home kit to continue the whitening process in the comfort of your own home.

A teeth-whitening package also makes a great birthday gift or a treat for a bride-to-be (or the groom) !

Call us today  on (02) 9528 9204 to book a FREE whitening consultation for you or a friend. 

And of course, if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth for ANY reason, please come and see our Sutherland Shire dentists at Jannali Dental Care.

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