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At Jannali Dental Care we want every family to be happy and healthy with big, beautiful smiles.

One way you can make sure your family is full of lovely, clean smiles is to book in for regular check-ups with our adults’ and kids’ dentist in Sutherland Shire – Dr Chen. Check-ups are great for preventing and detecting problems early to make sure they don’t turn into major issues. A regular adults’ or kids’ dental consultation will include an initial examination, scaling and removal of tartar build-up, as well as a full polish. We’ll also give you a dental hygiene review and some easy tips for great oral health.

Caring Children’s Dentistry

If you’re a parent bringing your kids into the dental practice, our aim is to make the experience relaxed and enjoyable for both you and your child. We don’t want any child to grow up with a fear of the dentist or to have bad oral hygiene. To avoid bad experiences with the dentist, we recommend bringing your children in for a visit as early as they get their first tooth. We’re more than happy to let them have a fun ride in the dentist’s chair and get used to the clinic before they require any dental care. We’ll even offer advice on how to clean your children’s teeth and help you to identify early signs of decay.

Our dentists are experienced in all areas of adults’ and kids’ dental care and are happy to provide education to help you maintain excellent oral health during your consultation. Our goal is to provide the best possible dental care for you and your kids, all in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Our practice is conveniently located directly opposite the Jannali Railway Station in the heart of Sutherland Shire – so come and visit an adults’ or kids’ dentist and make sure your family is full of big clean smiles today! Call us on (02) 9528 9204 to book an appointment.


Teeth Whitening

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