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Crowns and Bridges

A great way of preserving teeth or filling in the gap where a single tooth has been removed, crowns and bridges are traditional dental techniques that successfully preserve badly damaged teeth. They also provide natural-looking replacement teeth that require no additional care beyond your normal dental hygiene routine. Jannali Dental Care in Sutherland and Jannali has the expertise to fit crowns and bridges of many different types, both comfortably and quickly for a highly competitive price.

Bridges and crowns can transform your smile

A crown is an artificial top to an existing tooth that has partially decayed. Crowns may be made of gold, stainless steel, porcelain, resin or a combination of these materials. Designed to be cemented onto whatever remains of an existing tooth, they can significantly prolong the life of a tooth by protecting it from further damage and providing a firm surface on which to bite. Bridges consist of an artificial tooth that's cemented to the teeth on either side of it. The adjoining teeth may also have crowns, or may still be complete. Both bridges and crowns require moulds to be taken, so that suitable artificial components can be created. At least two appointments are required - one where impressions are taken (this may also be when the surface of a crown is prepared and a temporary crown applied) and a second where the permanent crown or bridge is fixed in place.

Why not take advantage of our discount offers?

We know that price is important to our patients, which is why we offer a selection of promotions as well as affordable prices, with a number of different ways to pay available. We do everything we can to make the services at Jannali Dental Care accessible to all Sutherland and Jannali residents. Keep your teeth looking good for longer with crowns or an expertly designed and fitted bridge.


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