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Dentures at Jannali Dental Care

Cost-effective and non-invasive, dentures are a traditional method of replacing missing teeth with removable, artificial alternatives. Upper jaw dentures involve the use of a plate, on which artificial teeth are mounted, whilst lower jaw dentures may consist of an arc, on which replacement teeth are fixed. Dentures may be full or partial, enabling patients to retain their existing, good teeth at the same time as enjoying some extra chewing surfaces through wearing dentures. Partial dentures are often small groups of artificial teeth that clip on to existing teeth to provide a smooth, firm surface. Occasionally, a single artificial tooth will be bonded to the teeth on either side of it; this procedure is called a fixed bridge.

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Dentures are made by taking a mould of your gums and any remaining teeth, then constructing a suitable set of dentures from the moulds. Once teeth are removed from the gums, their shape alters as the gum tissue shrinks; this means that periodically, most patients need a fresh set of dentures. At Jannali Dental Care, we provide a wide range of good-quality denture options that are suitable for many different requirements. If you want to transform your smile for a surprisingly affordable sum, dentures could be a great choice.

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At Jannali Dental Care we offer a complete denture service that's suitable for patients of all ages. Even if you haven't been to the dentist for a while or don't particularly enjoy the experience, our expert team, advanced equipment and commitment to providing comfortable treatment means many people are pleasantly surprised when they pay us a visit. Our competitive pricing and range of payment methods ensure we remain accessible; we also offer a good selection of promotional deals, saving you even more money.


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