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Root Canal Therapy

The fastest and most successful procedure through the latest techniques.

Root Canal Therapy can be seen as a little unfriendly but we use the latest rotary instruments to make the procedure faster and more successful.

This procedure is a process where inflamed or dead pulp is removed from inside the tooth; this will generally mean the tooth can be kept, which is always our aim if possible. Pulp is a soft tissue that runs through the centre of a tooth. The need for root canal therapy is often caused by untreated dental decay, and our dentists will always use preventive care and advise throughout our treatment.

This treatment may take 2 – 3 visits to the dentist, but we will always try to make all our procedures as quick and painless as possible.


Teeth Whitening

Take advantage of our current offer and save $250 on our advanced Philips zoom in chair teeth whitening now only $695. Now anyone can afford to have a beautiful smile.

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