TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

At Jannali Dental Care, we offer effective TMJ (temporomandibular joint) treatment to alleviate pain and improve jaw function. Our experienced Sutherland dentists use advanced diagnostic techniques and a range of treatments to address the underlying causes of TMJ disorder, including orthodontic therapy, oral splints, and medication management.

Our team of experts takes a patient-centered approach to TMJ treatment, working closely with each individual to understand their symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. 

TMJ Treatment at Jannali Dental Care

We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to create a clear and precise understanding of the underlying causes of their condition, and work with each patient to develop an effective treatment plan.

In addition to traditional treatments, we also offer alternative therapies, such as physical therapy and massage, to help alleviate symptoms and promote healing. Our goal is to help patients achieve long-term relief from TMJ pain and discomfort, so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

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