Do you squirm at the thought of visiting your dentist?

You are DEFINITELY not alone. In fact 75% of American adults are reported to suffer from some degree of dental fear.   My guess is that statistic is probably very similar in Australia.

The sounds of drills and those sharp scary looking dentist tools can be enough to scare anyone away. But a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be terrifying.

Sometimes it can be a bad dentist experience as a child that still haunts us as adults. Don’t worry, our qualified Jannali dentists will make sure you feel safe and comfortable right from the start.

We all know the importance of oral hygiene to our ongoing health – so managing (or eliminating) fear of going to the dentist is very important.

What can you do to overcome your fear? 

1.  Let us know!

Firstly, its really important to tell us that you are feeling anxious. That way we can talk you through the procedure and explain the dental instruments we are using so that you have a clear understanding and idea of what to expect.

Sometimes knowledge is key and we are happy to talk you through it, step by step. We are a compassionate team and we understand fear, so we will do whatever we can to reassure you, or your family.

2. Make regular appointments

Avoiding the dentist due to fear and only going when your teeth or gums are sore and swollen won’t turn the dental trip into a good one. Remember to make regular appointments for check-ups.  Trust me, it will pay off in the long run.

Regular visits will also help you familiarise yourself with the clinic and our staff. We guarantee you will be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly face when you enter our Jannali practice and that will also help remove some of the anxiety.

3. Happy Gas

For those clients who have a serious case of dental anxiety –  at Jannali Dental Care we offer dental treatment under Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as ‘happy gas’. It can be the perfect solution if you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

All you need to do is lay back and relax, and think happy thoughts, while the dentist does the work.

We have another distraction of the non-gas variety.  Netflix!  Yes, come along for a dental checkup, gaze up at the ceiling, and catchup on your favourite TV binge.  (Anyone else hooked on ‘Ozark’ at the moment? It’s a top-rated crime drama thriller if that’s your thing.  Or there is always The Crown if you’d like something with a little more bling.)

Believe me, it is possible to have a pleasant experience at the dentist – and we will do our best to make yours a positive experience.

If you would like to conquer your dentist fears then please give us a call on 9528 9204.  We can also provide you with more information on dental work under Nitrous Oxide.

Finally, if you know someone with an avid fear of dentists who might benefit from this article – please forward it to them. You will be doing them a big favour.

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