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Do you love your coffee? Here’s how to keep your teeth white.

teeth whitening jannali dental care
If ditching the Flat White isn’t sitting right with you, here are a few other things you can do instead of cutting coffee consumption to help keep your teeth white. You can also read all about our Zoom Teeth Whitening package. It's the best on the market.
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How do we keep our dental surgery clean?

dental ppe in Jannali Dental Care
First and foremost at Jannali Dental we have VERY strict protocols for cleaning tools, and using clean, disposable PPE (personal protective equipment).
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Dental Myth Busting with Jannali Dental Care

myth busters true or false
Tooth be told, there’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to proper dental care and these sometimes fuel the lack of excitement when you see an upcoming dental appointment on your calendar. We help to dispel those myths!
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Avoiding decay with a sweet tooth

managng a sweet tooth at jannali dental care
Yes it would be VERY easy for me to say “just avoid sugar”. But in an age of fast food, chocolate thick-shakes and Donut King, how does one do that? It's simply not realistic. Here are my top three tips for preventing tooth decay.
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