When should I take my child to see the dentist?

As a family ensuring that your children have good oral health is part of being a parent, but as we all know children tend to have a sweet tooth and bad cleaning habits.

So how as a parent how do you ensure that your family grow up with strong and healthy teeth and habits that will last them a lifetime.

Taking your child to the dentist from a very early age will provide them with the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to take them through the rest of their lives with a healthy and happy smile.

Many people will ask why their children need to visit a dentist when their baby teeth will eventually fall out, but even though you can’t see them their adult teeth are developing, so it is important for the dentist to check that everything is developing properly, by the time their adult teeth have grown through at the age of about 5 or 6 it can be too late and many children will already have tooth decay, that could have been avoided with regular dental checkups.

We recommend that you come for a visit with your baby six months after their first tooth comes through., so around their first birthday. By introducing your baby at this early age can help prevent problems such as tooth decay and a fear of the dentist later in life.

Visiting the dentist is often seen as a daunting trip for children and one of our aims at Jannali Dental Care is to make the first visits as fun as possible so that your children do not grow up with a fear of the dentist, and understand the importance of regular visits.

Before visiting the dentist with your children it is a great idea to prepare them by talking to them about what will happen in the up and coming visit. Build the excitement by talking about the fun things such as having a ride in the dentists chair and getting a sticker after the visit. Generally with all children if the parent is relaxed and positive about seeing the dentist then the child will replicate these emotions. If your baby is very small mummy or daddy can sit in the chair first and baby can sit on your lap, this also helps to put your child at ease.

The first visits to the dentist for small children are always kept very short, and it is generally a good idea to schedule the visit early in the day whilst they are alert and fresh, if they are tired or hungry this will just heighten their anxiety.

Once the first visit has been a success we like for you to book in to see us every six months, this way it builds their confidence and the dentist is able to treat any problem straight away.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your family at Jannali Dental Care soon. Please call (02) 9528 9204 to make an appointment.

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